You are planning your next holiday. No matter where are you going, how far and for how long, one of your main considerations will be the accommodation and where you are going to sleep. How to choose the best place for sleeping that won’t break the bank but it will still be a very enjoyable and cosy one. Indeed, no matter where we are going and what we are planning to do on our next holiday, it is important to choose a great accommodation because it is part of the whole experience.

While choosing a hotel room for your accommodation is among the most popular and common choices for the majority of the people, in recent years we are witnessing a strong shift in people’s preferences for accommodation, a particular one leaning more and more towards guesthouses. So why are people choosing to book a room at a guesthouse instead of the classic choice of a hotel room? Well, the truth is that hotels offer a lot of conveniences and a great experience, indeed. Most hotels market their facilities as offering the ultimate unique experience, which may be the case if you have slept at a hotel for a few times.

However, if you are visiting hotels often, you will soon find out that no matter how differently decorated and located the hotel facilities are, at the end of the day they all feel the same and offer the same old service. On the contrary, guesthouses are an absolutely new sort of experience for many, therefore, spending the night at a guesthouse is getting more and more attention and love from people nowadays. Let’s find out more about the advantages of choosing a guesthouse over a hotel room.

Feels Like Home

Hotels definitely feel very processional and often look very elegant. However, hotel rooms are a great pick for a business trip, but when you are on a holiday and you want to feel comfortable and cosy as possible, picking a guesthouse is definitely your best choice. Guesthouses truly feel like a home away from home and this is their best and most obvious advantage over hotels. The overall atmosphere of a guesthouse is very welcoming, warm, and hearty, and guesthouses usually have more heart and soul than the typical generic hotel room.

All the Space You Want

Whenever you are travelling with the whole family or a group of friends you will definitely need more space to feel more comfortable. This is easy to experience in a guesthouse. Guesthouses can offer you the whole house and all the space you need in contrast with hotels that offer suites or interconnecting rooms that are definitely not that convenient. With a guesthouse often comes the benefit of having outdoor space to enjoy with the kids or a group of friends, something you are usually not able to enjoy at a hotel.

Save Money

Hotels rooms tend to be more expensive and a guesthouse is definitely a holiday accommodation option that will allow you to save some money. Of course, when going on a holiday, you will definitely enjoy being able to save money or spend them on experiencing the new place instead of buying for an expensive hotel room. This is why guesthouse is a better option for you.

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