Sutton Walls

Ian and Annette Mansie welcome guests to their Bed and Breakfast at Pool House which is situated just five miles from the centre of Hereford, outside the rural village of Sutton St. Nicholas, under the Iron-Age settlement of Sutton Walls and surrounded by rolling countryside.

Pool House is a haven of peace. One of Herefordshire's "Black and White" houses, part of Pool House dates back to 1710, when it was a farm labourers' two up, two down thatched cottage belonging to Freens Court Manor, a medieval semi-moated manor house which was demolished in 1945. The fields that surround Pool House at that time were orchards, and are now arable. The house was extended in the 1940s, and again in 1988, and the thatched roof replaced with Welsh slate.

We have an acre of beautiful gardens with a large natural pool at its centre. In summer the pool is covered with water-lilies and irises. There is a family of moorhens which live in the bulrushes and produce up to 16 chicks each year.