Aquarius Guest House

The Aquarius Guest House is run by Alison and Peter who work hard keeping the house to its very high standards. It is well furnished and well maintained as you'll find as you browse our web-site. If you like what you see in the site then we're sure you'll enjoy your stay with us time and time again. Feel free to drop us an e-mail via our contact page if you need any more information. The Aquarius guest house is centrally located to the towns busy shopping centre, many pubs & clubs with a venue to suit people of all ages.

The beaches are a renowned beauty spot and only a short walk along the famous Ocean Road with its many luxurious curry houses. Many of the towns other features include; Arbeia Roman Fort, local museum, leisure centre & loads more! The local transport including the popular Metro rail system gives you excellent access to Newcastle & Sunderland should you wish to broaden your horizons. Here's a good local run site with lots more information on South Shields.